SME  support

A common problem amongst many SME's is how to juggle the demands of the day to running of the business with the needs to focus time and effort into growth and securing new business and clients.

strategy and planning

Many years experience in the development of strategic plans tailored to suit individual businesses. Having a strategy is important, having a strategy and plan that meets to needs of the business and delivers value to your clients is essential. A strategy needs to be achievable, clarify the resources and actions required to implement it and be communicated from the leadership to the shop floor to ensure everyone is working to the same aims.

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export strategies and development

Having spent many years working with clients and developing new business ventures outside of the UK as well as participating in and leading trade delegations with UKTi (now DIT) and various trade associations we understand how to support UK businesses to develop and grow internationally.


Whether the need is to develop an export strategy, attend and organise a presence at international trade shows and conferences or assist in establishing a new venture, we can support this process throughout.

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support with bids and pre-qual's

Having the time to dedicate to PQQ's and ITT's can be a challenge when this precious resource is at a premium and competing with the many demands of the business.


However, failure to address these clients documents correctly will, almost certainly, result in wasted opportunities. It is a fact that a large part of the scoring process in todays tender evaluations is based on compliance to with the instructions, answering questions fully, providing supporting data and ensuring completeness. Price is an element of course but not the overriding factor.

We can support this with experience gained in over 30 years of managing and preparing such documents. Contact us today to discuss how we can support you.


business development

Providing business development support and mentoring. Experience gained through first hand knowledge and a proven track record of growing start-ups and taking established businesses to higher levels of sales and profitability,

Working with our clients we will establish an approach that meets the needs of the business and keeps within an affordable budget. This might be as little as a few days per month with a very narrow target to achieve, or more as required.  Contact us today to arrange a meeting.


building relationships and partnerships

A key element in sustainable growth is the formation of close relationships with clients and strategic partners. These relationships can help to ensure future business and a pipeline of tenders. They can improve opportunities by creating a more compelling offer for clients that deals with their requirements by providing better solutions.

Benefits can have positive impacts throughout the supply chain with improved performances and reduced costs.

Creating effective and mutually beneficial frameworks with the means of measuring KPI's are essential for all parties, we can work with businesses throughout this process. Contact us today to discuss ways to improve your business.

market and competitor research

It is often quoted "keep your friends close but your enemies closer". One thing is certain, you must know your market in order to be able to meet the needs of your clients and ensure your business and services are fit for service. This also means having an awareness of your competitors, their products, pricing, marketing and activities.

This knowledge will allow you to develop an effective marketing plan, be compliant, competitive and secure a greater and sustainable market share.

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Gary Williams.

Extensive experience in the planning and  implementation of business growth and development strategies.