Business Strategies

COS Solutions provide businesses with affordable, effective support in areas essential to growth and success.

The outsourcing of functions, essential to a business, in not uncommon in today’s cost conscious environment. and outsourcing is an extremely cost effective method to create or enhance your existing business resources.


We have the experience to provide this resource on a short or long term basis through experienced and reputable professionals.


One of our primary functions is to help businesses by providing business development solutions that can be focused on key areas that will contribute to growth and increased profits.  This comes with over 35 years of senior management and business development experience. A flexible approach to the days required to do this and the cost, ensures budget challenges will be maintained.


  • Consultancy

  • Senior Management Roles

  • Business Development

  • Relationship Management

  • Sales and Market Plans

  • New Market Penetration

  • Profile and Brand Building

  • New Revenue Generation

  • Growth Planning

  • Interim Management

  • Team Mentoring

  • Growth and Equity Investment


Gary Williams.

With over 35 years of experience in Business Development and Senior Management I can deliver cost effective support to businesses looking for direction, new business, growth, access to new markets and relationship building.

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